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Feb 2014 health update

Oh, hello! Now that you’re here I suppose I should tell you about how the Lyme stuff is going. It’s certainly been a minute since I posted a health update, and there’s a lot of update to get through, so … Continue reading

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With a little help from my friends

I’ve been battling Lyme and its cohorts for a long time– almost ten years now– and I’ve tried to do it on my own as much as possible. This means that I’ve tried to be as self-sufficient as I could, … Continue reading

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Happens a lot.

Sometimes I’ll wake up at 4:00AM and it’ll take me hours to accept there’s no getting around the fact that sleep is closed for business please try again tomorrow. And my body’s like “I don’t know what you want from … Continue reading

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Respite, but not nepenthe.

I’ve decided to give up meth(ylene) for a while. Mostly because this is a really bad time for me to have daily meltdowns. Not that I can think of a particularly good time for that kind of thing, but the … Continue reading

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Adventures in fish medicine

Methylene blue is at once an old malaria medication, a practical joke you can use to turn your friends’ pee blue, a fish medicine, and a weird folksy remedy for candida. In other words, I’m desperate and will try anything, … Continue reading

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Candida status: meh.

An interesting thing about killing candida that I’ve noticed every time I’ve pitched war with it is that part of the time I’m ravenous, and the rest of the time the very idea of eating seems repugnant. The past couple … Continue reading

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Candida, we are not friends. :(

Dear 2013, I love you and I accept you for who you are, but can we please be done with the supernumerary health crises? That would be amazing. Most people who have Lyme disease also have to battle candida overgrowth. … Continue reading

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Air bags are operational.

My chest x-ray results came back, and it turns out my lungs are normal. I don’t have pulmonary sarcoidosis. Hooray! It’s a no-lung-fungus party up in here! This is mostly great. I don’t need more to be sick with, surely. … Continue reading

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Endorphins and entropy

It’s a little counterintuitive on the macro level, but light-to-moderate exercise really does make me, a chronically fatigued and in-pain spoon-counter, feel better most of the time. I don’t claim to say this is a universal truth that applies to … Continue reading

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The pain issue…

It’s been about eight and a half years since I’ve had a doctor willing to work with me on pain management. This has been very, very difficult because Lyme disease IS inflammation (among other things) and, to oversimplify, inflammation IS … Continue reading

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