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Eat this, Not anything else!

I’ve been cycling through diets: from a month-long very restrictive elimination diet for detoxification, to a reintroduction phase where I gradually eat more variety, to a rest period where I eat my usual paleo/primal diet with occasional cheats because I … Continue reading

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They came first for the CornNuts…

For a while there it seemed like the Communists were going to destroy everything. Then it was all going to come down to rap music and the way it unraveled the fabric of society. But the less that happened the … Continue reading

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Portrait of a good dog

Invalids eat in bed. It’s our thing. Traditionally, the maid should bring in a tray, but often I make do with preparing my own meager rations and slipping back into the supine-but-for-pillows dining posture that the chronically ill perfected back … Continue reading

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Throat imps

I don’t know how many Lymies read this blog, but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this: sometimes, when I’m taking a lot of stuff to help my immune system and fight off the Lyme, candida, etc. my tonsils … Continue reading

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Just couldn’t stay away away away away…

Next time you need a little morning pick-me-up, don’t try this: tablespoon of epsom salt (mostly) dissolved in cold water with a sodium bicarbonate/crushed garlic/water chaser. This, to the untrained eye, may appear to be the recipe for some especially … Continue reading

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